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Entry #1

First post, woot!

2007-07-17 18:10:05 by SharkStein

Everyone happy ?
Love the new NG layout

First post, woot!


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2007-07-18 04:29:59

Hey daar :)

Best vet al die nieuwe dinge :P

SharkStein responds:

Yup yup


2007-07-18 12:48:45

I was like, OMG a banna walks down the street.
I said to myself, this is epic i have to go and check it out.
So i runned towards the walking banana, and i yelled something in his ear.
I dont know what i yelled because i didnt hear myself.
So the banana stops and looks to my penis, and says omg.
I was like WHA ? He said ok man this rocks. I yelled again in his ear.
He didnt respond, he just walks away. I was like OMG i saw a walking banana !
5 minutes later in my house i was like ? OMG what if a banana would walk down the street, what would i say to him ? So i creamed my pants and i was thinking of what things i could say to a walking banana in my street. So i felt asleep dreaming of my ketchup in the fridge, few hours later i woke up with a wet jeans. Yea i creamed alot. Oh yea i knew it i can sell my ketchup. So i build a wooden box and put all of my ketchup bottles in it. And then selling it at my street. So everybody was like OMG who want to buy this crap. I said to them, ok dude respect. And i threw a couple of rocks at them. It was fun. So a hour later i see a banana walking down the street, I was like OMG Epic + DejaVU
Deja vu yea good movie. Not really, as the banana aproaches i trhew some cats at him. Yea he was like oh god grow up. And i said to him : Dude your a banana. And he said , Oh yea i forgot sorry. I was like , you wanna buy ketchup ? He said Ok.
I selled him a few bottles and i creamed again. Hmm ice cream.

This story sucks. meh

SharkStein responds:

OMFG Mahaxaflugen!
I was there when it happend!


2010-06-21 07:17:26

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